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Planning, Analysis 

& Project Management

With expertise in planning, analysis and project management, RIO focusses on areas where humans and the environment intersect, working with governments and organizations at multiple scales. Our passion for effective processes and meaningful collaborations, combined with an eye for detail and an acute ear for listening, make us an excellent fit for your project.



RIO facilitates effective processes and partnerships among diverse stakeholders and Indigenous communities, and through the complex reality of collaboration. With a deep understanding of working at the ground level of policy and governance implementation, in particular with rural-remote communities and Indigenous governments, RIO works to translate what matters to people into tangible outcomes that have meaningful impacts in the places where they live. RIO brings expertise, experience, and a genuine passion to this challenging task. We regularly work in partnerships, collaborating with experts in a range of fields to provide the best possible service to meet our clients' needs. Check out Who We Work With to learn more.

Planning & Analysis

RIO uses community-engaged methods and techniques from the decision sciences to support defensible and transparent processes.


We enjoy working with people and helping teams and communities achieve concrete goals. We work with a range of clients to support engagement needs.

Project Management

Projects require attention through each phase. RIO supports full circle project management, bringing in additional capacity where, and when, it’s needed.


"Nicole has a great ability to synthesize large amounts of complex information quickly.  She grasps what is important and understands the nuance of the subject material and language.  I found this particularly useful when dealing with sensitive matters like Indigenous self-determination. She is experienced, thoughtful, and works independently. These are the qualities I appreciate and why I will continue to collaborate with her on my projects in the future."

Sheldon Tetreault
Sheldon Tetreault Consulting

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