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Buffalo River and Birch Narrows First Nations Compensation Project


RIO co-led a project to develop and implement a methodology to estimate social and cultural losses to two northern Saskatchewan Dene communities from the establishment of a Weapons Range in 1953 in the communities’ territories. Using qualitative and quantitative methods, including innovative tools from the decision sciences, our team developed a unique approach to estimating the monetary loss of dimensions that are often overlooked and widely under-valued/misunderstood in conventional compensation methods.



CIOOS Atlantic Indigenous Relationship Building and Engagement Training

The Canadian Integrated Ocean Observing System (CIOOS) is a national initiative to integrate Canadian oceanographic data from multiple sources, making this data accessible to end-users. Under Pisces RPM Inc., Nicole led an engagement process for CIOOS Atlantic

to initiate its efforts to meaningfully and appropriately engage and partner with Indigenous communities in Atlantic Canada.  


As a second component to the engagement, Nicole developed and led an Indigenous engagement training session. “Engagement ‘In a Good Way’: Collaborating with Atlantic Indigenous Peoples"  was co-delivered with Ken Paul, Director of Fisheries at the Assembly of First Nations. Since its delivery, the training has been shared broadly with colleagues and partners of CIOOS Atlantic.

Ocean Networks Canada, Canadian Indigenous Delegation to Ocean Obs’19

As part of a larger project team with Pisces RPM Inc. and Ocean Networks Canada, Nicole   co-led the formation and execution of the Canadian Indigenous Delegation to Ocean Obs’19 in Honolulu, Hawaii. This included designing an effective and transparent process to create the delegation, developing several key statements and documents to be presented at Ocean Obs’19, and facilitating a group of over fifty Canadian and International Indigenous delegates throughout the week of Ocean Obs’19. Nicole also co-led the development of the Coastal Indigenous Peoples’ Declaration - Aha Honua - which was received by the Executive Secretary of the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission and Assistant Director General of UNESCO. 


Skookum Lab, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation Proposal

RIO was hired by the Surrey Urban Indigenous Leadership Committee (SUILC) to develop a proposal for the CMHC Social Innovation Lab funding, stemming from Canada’s National Housing Strategy. RIO was able to fill a capacity gap and write a successful proposal that will enable the SUILC and their Social Innovation Lab - Skookum Lab - to continue their excellent work towards improving the lives and wellbeing of urban Indigenous children and youth in the City of Surrey.


Nuxalk Ancestral Governance Project

Since 2015, Nicole has coordinated the Nuxalk Ancestral Governance Project (NAGP), in partnership with the Nuxalk Nation and cultural leaders from the community. This unique project supports the Nation’s move towards self-determination through the research and application of Nuxalk legal principles. Working in close partnership with Nuxalk Stataltmc (Hereditary Chiefs) to increase engagement and decision-making from a Nuxalk worldview, the NAGP has successfully established itself as a core component of the Nation’s governance structure.


In 2018, the NAGP received a Connection Grant from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada to support the development of an Ancestral Governance Handbook. Nicole is leading this project in partnership with NAGP staff and a Working Group of Nuxalk cultural leaders.

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